Looking for the perfect mosaic tiles?

It is the flattest, cleanest and most perfect mosaic in the market. Its joints are only 2 mm wide, letting the mosaic assume the main role. It is a non porous material with 0% absorption, resistant to chemical agents and totally inalterable over time. It is an ecological and environmentally friendly material.
Easy to install and virtually maintenance free. The size of the tiles allows a perfect fit to any surface, flat or curved, guaranteeing excellentand lasting results.

Edges and corners are carefully treated to eliminate any risk of abrasions or cuts. It is a non-slip material (A3 finish) and complies with current safety regulations verified through technical testing by internationally recognised laboratories.
Easy to clean and totally hygienic and antiallergenic,
these mosaics do not absorb any humidity, preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria.

It offers an endless combination of colours, textures, formats, finishes… with Hisbalit each creation is unique.

hisbalit mosaic tiles montenegro

Swimming pool collections

The new collection of HISBALIT mosaics for swimming pools and spas presents a wide of carefully selected colours to make every project a unique creation.

Green, sand, turquoise, white and blue tones can create any effect or shade. Mosaics with gloss and iridescent effects that provide spectacular finishes, even more stunning when exposed to sunlight. Mosaics with a country atmosphere and traditional ceramic touches, mosaics with an avant-garde and cosmopolitan air, mixtures, borders, designs… the possibilities are endless… discover them!


Link to their newest swimming pool catalog: swimming_pools_2021

swimming pool mosaic tiles hisbalit montenegro

Decorative collections

Hisbalit decorative tiles are an excellent choice for adding elegance and style to your space.


With a wide range of designs, colors, and textures, these tiles will transform any area into a work of art. Their high quality and meticulously crafted designs make them a perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, or any other space in your home or commercial property.

Whether you desire a modern and sophisticated aesthetic or a classic charm, Hisbalit decorative tiles will provide not only exceptional looks but also durability that will last for years. With Hisbalit decorative tiles, your space will become unique and unforgettable.


Link to their newest decoration catalogs:




decorative mosaic tiles hisbalit montenegro